Banded Mallard Company specializes in Motion Decoys and other cutting edge duck hunting innovations. BMC is located in Arkansas, considered by many, to be the duck hunting capitol of the world. So, we know duck hunting! All of Banded Mallard Co products are proudly handcrafted in the USA.


"Band Collector" Duck Call (FACTORY DIRECT PRICE) FrenzyFeeder II  CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Remote Control
"Band Collector" Duck Call (FACTORY DIRECT PRICE)FrenzyFeeder II CHRISTMAS SALE!!!Remote Control

"We don't care how many duck calls we sell, we care how many ducks our calls bring in". That is the concept behind the creation of the Band Collector. This call will bring you thousands of ducks in its lifetime and comes with a lifetime...

The Frenzy Feeder is our newest motion decoy. This decoy has got it all, With its super realistic head movement, splashing, and ripples, ducks dive bomb this feeder mallard.

It's hard to add any more action or realism to a decoy than this!!!

Replacement 12 volt remote control and receiver with snap leads. We put a tremendous amount of time and effort into making these indestructable in the harsh, wet conditions duck hunters expose them to on a daily basis. We guarantee you will not find a tougher remote control.




"KnockDown" Timber Duck Call (FACTORY DIRECT PRICE) Replacement Flapper Spare Battery Holder
"KnockDown" Timber Duck Call (FACTORY DIRECT PRICE)Replacement FlapperSpare Battery Holder

The "KnockDown" Timber is tuned super raspy but with that deeper tone that immitates mallards that have been feeding on acorns.

Unfortunately these manage to work their way off sometimes and they don't float. We are sorry yours fell off. If you could just send $5 and cover shipping we can get you a replacement ASAP.

** For BloodBath and FrenzyFeeder Decoys.

Never have to change batteries in the field again with a spare batter holder.